The Floor

First up, the floor!

Sound Dampening Insulation

I started by laying sound dampening insulation. This will greatly reduce the vibration/sound when driving and also provide a vapor barrier to prevent the floor from rusting.


Every maker needs a workbench. This one collapses when not in use!

Plywood for the Floor

I made some simple measurements and cut the plywood for the floor. I really should have used a template… I’ll probably re-cut these before I finish the floor with vinyl.

Wood Furring Strips

The van floor has ridges in it, so to level things out, I glued wood strips in between the ridges. I will also use these strips to secure the plywood to the floor.

After glueing in the strips, I weighted it down with some rocks and let it dry over night.

Poly-Iso Foam for the Floor

I measured and cut foam strips to fit in between the wood strips. This was a very long and tedious process. After the foam was glued in, I used spray foam to fill all the gaps. I let the foam dry and then cut it down to have a nice even surface.

What’s next?

At this point, I decided to leave the floor as is while I work on the walls/ceiling. After everything else is complete, I will install vinyl plank flooring to give it a nice finished look.