The Walls

Next up, the walls and ceiling!

Sound Dampening Insulation

I started by cutting and glueing sound dampening insulation to the walls. Very similar to the floor, this will greatly reduce the vibration/sound when driving and also provide a vapor barrier to prevent the metal walls from rusting.

Poly-Iso Foam Insulation

I measured and cut 2 inch poly-iso foam to fit into the sections in the wall. After glueing the foam to the walls with 3M 90, I used GreatStuff foam to fill in all of the cracks and better secure the foam to the wall. I then covered all foamed areas with foil insulation tape.

By covering the foam before it dried, this allowed me to have clean edges without the need to trim the excess foam.

Invisible Man

Poly-Iso Foam Insulation for the ceiling

Similar to the walls, I cut/glued/foamed foam insulation to the ceilings. I used some scrap wood to hold the foam panels up while the glue dried.

Wall Supports

I installed 2x4s to the wall to serve as a mounting point for the wall panels and eventually any cabinetry.

I marked and then pre-drilled several holes in the 2x4s before securing them to the walls with self tapping screws. I used roughly 10 screws per board. These things are solidly secured and aren’t going anywhere.


Wall Panels

I will be adding reflectix and a vapor layer to the walls, but for now, I wanted a more finished look so I decided to install the wall panels.

I used a sound insulation sheet to create a rough template before cutting the 4x8 panels with a jigsaw. This was a really rough template, and I’ll probably re-do these panels at some point.

Also, some random person decided to drop into my workspace unannounced…

What’s next?

Ceiling panels, Roof Ventilation Fan and a battery bank system are at the top of the list.

I’ll actually be headed back home soon where I will have access to a full workshop and much more time to work on the van. Stay tuned for more!